Green spring cleaning is a pain

Green spring cleaning developed into a bit of a pain this weekend. Who knew I had that many planters?

A fast post, in light of our thunderstorm.

I was doing well on my goal of green spring-cleaning, of not throwing out anything that could be recycled, reused by someone else or repurposed by me. I’ve only had to throw out a few things — clothes that were unusable as dust rags, some cracked plates, a couple of broken shoes.

Then I reached the balcony and decided to work on the garden supplies.

When, exactly, did I acquire all those pots?

I have giant pots, pots in which small trees could grow. And tiny pots, that can only hold a miniaturized plant.

Pots of plastic and of stone, of terra cotta and what appears to be paper-mache covered — something.

I don’t recall buying most of them. And honestly? I haven’t used most of them in years, if ever.

The larger pots were easy to repurpose — my family members all own homes, and need larger pots for their patios. The tiny ones I gave to friends for their children, who are planting, say, one little lettuce seed to watch it grow.

But the exotic pots, the weirdly-shaped pots, the frankly impractical pots — where was I going to get rid of them absent a landfill? This morning, I wandered outside to go walking, and watched a neighbor put his old office chair on the curb next to the dumpster.

A few minutes later, a couple from another building walked out. Looked at the chair. Came over, picked it up, took it home.

I ran back into my building, gathered up my pots and placed them at the dumpster. As of this evening, there’s one lone, pink, medium-sized plastic pot left.

And on we go.

More and longer posts tomorrow, the power’s flickering and I’m hopping off to avoid killing my computer!


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