She’s baaack!

Having survived both the nasty bug and the joy that is corporate tax season (I do corporate taxes, among other things), I now resume the irregularly scheduled updating.  Actually, more regularly scheduled updating, as things have quieted down a bit.  That won’t last long.

Welcome to 2012!

Welcome to my blog!

I’m Michele — perpetually-curious and interested in everything.  Lately though, I’ve found myself feeling — bored.  Stale.  A tad unhappy. 

The year 2012 has been hyped in the media as a year of tremendous change for humankind.   And so, having decided that I wanted to change things in my life, I’ve restarted this blog to chronicle my 2012 journey.  

Over the next 365 days, I intend to test drive some new interests, visit places I’ve been meaning to see and possibly move to a new job, or city, or even a new country.  I’ll be reviving some old dreams, like publishing a book and making jewellry. 

The only rule for me this year is that I will not, absolutely not, rule out anything.  After all, you can’t know if you’ll like, or can do, something unless you try it.  It was true when my mother coaxed me into eating my vegetables as a child, and it’s still try today.

In this year, Everything Is Possible

Right now, ‘m a business and tax lawyer in the Philadelphia are — but who knows where and what I’ll be tomorrow!