Going backwards…

Some people have reached out to ask how things are going. In a word – badly.

On the job front, I did manage to pick up a couple of weeks of temporary work. But that’s ending in a week or so, and there’s no unemployment to fall back on. I’ve sent out – I don’t even know how many resumes, and gotten four interviews. All of which hired someone – younger.

Even more disheartening, is that I’m not just applying for professional jobs. I’m a lawyer by training, a compliance and tax expert, a contracts manager. But I’m applying for regular jobs too. A clerk at convenience stores. Cashier at grocery stores. Sales rep at JoAnn’s and Michael’s. And gotten – two interviews. Both of which were very happy to tell me the jobs weren’t anything like what I’d done before, and maybe I wouldn’t fit in. What’s to fit in? Anyone can run a register, handle people, be friendly and nice. Witness the high school people who seem to be all they are hiring. I doubt they’ve done this type of work before, and I guarantee my work ethic is better than theirs. After all, I don’t tell people to wait until I finish my Amazon order before I check them out.

So the job front is disheartening. Without a job, I can’t afford an apartment. Or pay bills. Which means in about 2 months, I’m on the street. Literally. My family has made it very clear that I’m not welcome to come home.

The company for which I worked stiffed me on unpaid wages, unpaid contributions to my retirement account, and severance. Not to mention never paying the costs of the aborted relocation, which have now maxed out my credit card. I filed a wage claim, only to be told the state couldn’t pursue it because they moved the company out of state. And the state to which they originally moved, and the state they are in now, won’t pursue it because I didn’t do any work for them in that state.

My glasses broke, and I have a cataract that needs to come off, but can’t afford it.

My phone screen broke, and I can’t afford a new phone.

And now, the new used car I had to buy? The one I was so happy to see came with a lifetime powertrain warranty? There’s no ‘warranty’ according to the car dealership, it’s a ‘service’ they provide for customers. Oh, and you don’t buy it, it’s something they provide. Despite their website having a full page devoted to the warranty using that word and saying its included in every purchase. My car needs $2200 in repairs.

I get so frustrated when I read stories about people saying no one is applying for jobs. Well, I’m applying, but you don’t want to hire someone older.

I really don’t know what I am going to do now.