A Perfect Match

Godzilla + Marvel comics = Perfection. Two of my favorite things in one place. How did I miss this one?


Yes, you are seeing Godzilla fighting a rat.

No, the rat isn’t a giant prehistoric rat mutated by radiation.

Godzilla has been shrumk.

By Marvel comics’ Pym particles.


I adore Godzilla — I once passed an entire winter weekend, snowed in, watching every film in order. And as you probably already know, I love Marvel comics as well. But somehow, I managed to miss the fact that Marvel had published 24 issues of Godzilla, King of the Monsters. Until, that is, the wonderful people at Showcase Comics, knowing my love for the Great Giant Lizard of Doom, mentioned that there was this comic with Godzilla fighting a rat. A teeny, tiny Godzilla. I bought it — and wow.  There’s S.H.I.E.L.D.! And Dum-Dum Dugan! And a helicarrier of sorts dedicated to hunting down monsters!

And of course, there’s Godzilla, who’s suffered the indignity of being shrunk, although it’s so he can be safely relocated elsewhere. But that goes awry (of course it does, it’s a comic, when does any operation like this one go smoothly in the comics!?!).  He gets dumped into the river and ends up washed into the sewers of New York City. Once there, he has to face down the foulest monster the city has bred — a rat. Poor ‘Zilla. And poor rat, suffering the delusion that it could defeat Godzilla.

I absolutely have to find the rest of this series. Wikipedia tells me that the series was gathered into a trade paperback, and if I can’t find the individual issues, I’ll have to settle for that book. Still, it’s Godzilla. And Marvel. Together.

Let’s hear it for crossovers!


(and again, meant for Sunday, March 10th, but work!)


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